3P medicine is based on three pillars:

predictive diagnostics,

targeted prevention and

personalised medical services

This is the optimal approach in primary (healthy individuals), secondary (clinical onset of a disorder) and tertiary (severe progression of pathologies) / palliative care.

Providing medical care at the stage where damage to health is still reversible is the most cost-effective approach and better at protecting an individual from disease development and progression. Health risks assessment is therefore critical for 3PM performance.

This type of medical care is complex and requires multi-professional expertise including educators, general practitioners, topic-dedicated clinicians and specialised laboratories. This is indeed the group of stakeholders whom 3PMedicon is collaborating with.

The innovative technologies and multi-professional approaches being used are evidence-based, as published by international peer-reviewed top journals in medicine such as EPMA J. (rated in the top 2% in health policy worldwide – please refer to:

scopus.com for further details